The Illinois Regenerative Medicinal Institute (IRMI), What is it?

The Illinois Regenerative Medicinal Institute (IRMI) is a division of the Illinois Department of Public Health. It was recently established by the Illinois General Assembly to further stem cell research and improves the health care services that Illinois citizens receive.  No matter, which side of the debate you fall on, you should be aware that the IRMI is empowered to provide funds to help stimulate stem cell research.

The IRMI is responsible for creating grant programs that further many objectives, including the following: 1) improve the health of Illinois citizens through stem cell research; and 2) promote the translation of stem cell research into clinical practice and the transfer of technology to the biomedical and technology industry.

The IRMI has and is still promulgating rules for the types of grant programs, eligibility for grant programs, conditions for use and disbursement of funds, etc…However, if you are established business or start up engaging in research on stem cells, then you have a new potential source for funds.

You can find additional information at Stem Cell Funding or contact us for additional inquiries.

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