Intentional Interference with Business Relationships or Prospective Economic advantage

The common law tort of interference with contractual relationships claim is often ignored in deciding how to respond to a business partner, employee or a competitors’ actions. However, interference with contractual relationship claims stem from the common law tort claims for intentional interference with business relationships. This is a good tool to use when there are no written agreements with employees, business partners, vendors, or customers,…

Another option is interference with prospective economic advantage, which is a great tool to use when you were expecting a business opportunity or profit that was thwarted by a competitor, business partner, employee, vendor or customer.  Often times, these business or contractual relationships torts can be utilized in place of or to supplement a written agreement.  These business torts are a great way to recover lost profits, sales, or compensatory damages that a business owner or company may have lost due to a dispute with employees, business partners, shareholders, vendors or customers.

In situations, where non-competition agreements are non-existent or found to be unenforceable, business owners may be able to recover the same types of damages by using the: a) interference with contractual relationship; b) intentional interference with business relationship; and c) intentional interference with a prospective economic advantage torts.  If you have any concerns or questions relating to how to handle the disruption of your business or operations, then please feel free to contact us.

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