New E-Book for Entrepreneurs: A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners!

We recommend a new book that has been published relating to a Beginner’s Series of Guides for Entrepreneurs relating to acquisition of angel, capital, funds, seed or VC funding for undertaking new efforts to try out and test out the market for new products and services.  It is impossible for new entrepreneurs, entities, individuals to begin to acquire the necessary background and professional experience needed to ensure that they comply with the SEC regulations and are able to take advantage of the applicable Reg-D exemption.

In these cases, because of the high costs of registering securities that are part of an offering for investment opportunities without having to incur, the unnecessary burden and expense of registration with the U.S. Securities and Commission and Exchange Commission (US SEC).   However, the delays and the dangers in potential fraud and rescission claims are too great for Entrepreneurs to take these risks without having some appreciation of the risks.

In particular, the appreciation of these risks the six figure costs in expenses and legal fees in registration of the securities, the dangers of having to refund investment funds and capital provided by any and all investors or be the subject of a shareholder derivative action, and the definitions of sophisticated, unsophisticated, institutional and high net worth individuals are too complex for most first time and novice Entrepreneurs.

The Beginner Series of Guides published for Entrepreneurs by VRP Law Publishing and EEBC-It’s Just Brunch is designed to be a fun and simple method of acquiring the basic knowledge needed for understanding the U.S. SEC’s registration requirements, the Reg-D definitions and exemptions from registration, and the potential for exposure of personal and corporate assets for a bad venture is vital to the ongoing ability of Entrepreneurs to continue to excel and succeed in their current and future ventures.

For an advance copy of the soon to released E-Book, please go to:

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