Managing International Transactions for Corporate Clients!

There are variety of challenges and obstacles to assisting clients in making sure that they are able to transfer distribution channels, facilities, and operations overseas.  Clients need to understand the layout of the land, the local customs and regulations on how to comply with the local regulations and still maintain a profit margin that makes the expansion worthwhile.

Most corporate clients are able to perform many of these tasks with good internal Executives, Managers, Officers, and in house counsel.  However, there are some niche issues, such as, intellectual property, local corporate laws and complex litigation that still requires outside counsel services to make the transition successful.  Having a good team of outside counsel and local lawyers that are reliable and able to provide timely and relevant advice is vital to the success and growth of most corporations. .

There are a variety of international forums and non-governmental organizations that will assist in facilitating this transition, but it requires experience and understanding of their substantive requirements.  For example, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides a variety of basis for acquiring and setting the stage for overseas protection of copyrights, patents and trademarks,   Moreover, international arbitration (JAMS and NAF) is a very effective and efficient method of resolving disputes and avoiding some of the challenges presented by a lack of transparency of the local courts.

Another method of setting the proper internet footprint overseas is using ICANN’s method of dispute resolution, acquiring domain names that are cohesive with the advertising and branding strategies of the corporate clients.  For more go to:, or

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