About VRP Law P.C.

VRP Law P.C. was started by Vihar R. Patel in April of 2011.  Vihar started VRP Law P.C. after about ten years of practicing in the areas of business, mergers and acquisitions, civil rights, consumer, employment and intellectual property law area with private law firms, government agencies and litigation consultation companies.  The Firm specializes in business, employment and intellectual property litigation and transaction work.

We are a small firm without any arbitrary billable hours requirements, however, with the resources of our professional network we are able to handle large and small matters.  Our specialization in business, mergers and acquisitions, employment and intellectual property matters allows us to provide a greater level of service with a lower total cost to entrepreneurs, individuals, family owned businesses, small and mid-size companies.

Our Intellectual Property (IP) practice includes litigation and prosecution of copyrights and trademarks, copyrightability and trademarkability opinions, non disclosure agreements, licensing agreements, asset purchase agreements, patent and trade secret litigation, domain name disputes, uniform dispute resolution process and cyberlaw matters.  We provide infringement, non-infringement, invalidity, design around, freedom to operate, and willfulness opinions.  We also provide legal advice for acquiring IP, developing IP, increasing the value of your IP, managing an IP portfolio and using your IP to manage business risks.

Our Employment practice includes representation of both employees and employers in wage disputes, non-competes, privacy, unemployment compensation, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disability Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliatory discharge, assault, battery, other employment torts, and a variety of related matters.  We also provide additional serivces for employers with traning on hiring, firing, drug testing, discrimination and sexual harassment policies, employment hanbooks, and a variety of other dispute prevention and risk management services in the area of employment law.

Our Business Law practice involves business filings, purchase agreements, buy/sell agreements, licensing agreements, supply agreements, shareholder agreements, membership agreements, mergers/acquisitions, breach of fiduciary duty claims, minority shareholder oppression suits, corporate governance matters, business risk management, exit planning, succession planning, and related business litigation.

Our legal services are geared towards complying with legal regulations and using litigation to achieve a client’s end goal or business pursuits.  Should you have any specific questions please feel free to contact our firm.  Even, if you have a question outside of the business, employment and intellectual property law areas we may be able to assist based on one of our Of Counsel’s areas of practice.

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4 responses to “About VRP Law P.C.

  1. Searched employment attorneys in msn but for some reason found this page.great info


  2. Terence Powell

    Nice website, the info is fantastic! Don’t forget to RSVP to the Lakeview Networking event on May 6th. Info is on their website. Keep up the great work.


  3. Terry

    Thank you and Carmen for coming to our Networking event last night! It was good to see you. Thanks for checking out the website.

    I add content every week, so there is usually something new for you to come back and read.

    All the best.



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