Author’s Publications, Resume and Represenative Matters

This page provides a sample of Vihar’s publications, qualifications and representative matters involving employment and intellectual property law matters. The publications may provide you with insight into the challenges and creative solutions to many legal problems encountered by business owners, employees, employers, intellectual property owners, small and mid size companies.

Should you have any specific questions relating to Vihar’s background or professional qualifications, please contact our office.

The author retains copyrights to all publications, posts, and files found on this blog.

Vihar was recently quoted on HR, Social Media, Compliance, Risk Management and Privacy Matters:

Current Sample of Litigation Matters

Author’s Photo

Pre Print Copy of IPLAC Litigation Committee’s Review of Federal Circuit Claim Construction Cases

Order form for Claim Construction Book Co-Authored by Vihar R. Patel

The FDA exemption from Patent Infringement-History and Proposed Modification

Understanding Sexual Harassment

Answers to Ten Common Questions about Employment Law

Using the ITC to police and prevent the importation of Counterfeit and Infringing goods.



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